All hangers are made of 1/4 MDF or revolution ply. I paint them with acrylic paint and seal them with a clear coat to weather proof them. Hangers will have a layered bow and a heavy duty twine. All hangers can be changed to your liking. Just message me after your order is complete with colors and sayings. Please know that some things will happen as these are handmade, hand lettered and hand-painted by myself. Imperfections can happen and are to be expected with items being handmade. Since these are hand painted, the back of each hanger may have paint on it due to the item being hand painted. The backs are not painted, but will do if request. Let me make your door look the best! *NO 2 DOOR HANGERS ARE PAINTED THE SAME. I PAINT DIFFERENT EVERY TIME I PAINT BUT WILL TRY MY BEST. BOWS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON THE RIBBON I HAVE ON HAND.*